Sea Pirate Mining
A Shallow Ocean Mining Company


Gold has empowered people, created empires, businesses, civilizations as well as countries and opened doors in science and industry, that without gold, could not have happened. Gold has created more than wealth and because of its value to society over the many centuries, infrastructure like, roads, bridges, churches, stores, schools and hospitals were built throughout the regions where the yellow metal was found and used for cash, barter or trade.  For centuries uncounted, man has searched and found gold in mountains, in the ground and near water.

The 1944 conference at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire brought together 44 nations to design a system to regulate international money and banking. The two key players at the conference were Harry Dexter White and the UK’s John Maynard Keynes. At the time of the conference, the dollar represented 1/35th of an ounce of gold; 71 years later the dollar represents less than 1/1,100th of an ounce of gold.  
During the early 1900’s, just in the immediate area of Nome Alaska, over 5 million ounces of gold were recovered above the high tide mark and beaches above. The estimated value of that gold today would be approximately $6,000,000,000.
In the not so distant past, from 1987 to 1990, a bucket dredge, the “Bima”, was used in the Bering Straight, off of Nome Alaska, even though the “Bima” was never designed for the Arctic seas. The “Bima” was never engineered nor modified for the type of mining it was called to do and regularly broke down (30% of the time) as system after system failed and weather delays, . but even with these facts to consider, the “Bima” still was able to produce a total of 118,078 ounces of gold over the four year period it worked the site.  Over those four years of production, the amount of gold that was produced, averaged 29,520 ounces of gold. or $35,424,000.00 USD per year, at today’s price of gold of $1,200.00 per ounce.
Gold is still being profitably mined and dredged from these beaches and more ancient beach sands, but offshore gravels deeper than 50’ in the area that have yet to be mined. Profitable gold beach benches and shallow ocean placers are not limited to Nome or to Alaska.
Yet largely unexplored, are the oceans of the world and those seas, inlets, gulfs and areas, even just off shore of the mainland, that have until recently, been beyond the technological means and man’s ability to search, locate and mine such valuable metals, minerals and ores.
Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. was developed and is devoted to seabed alluvial mining, using a combination of old and new proven technologies, coupled with state of the art electronics and innovative prototype engineering designs for vessels, equipment and systems, which no other firm has access to.
This will expand and create new technologies in which to better and less expensively detect commercial grade valuable metals, minerals and ores, mine faster, more thoroughly, enhance recovery processes and mine in far deeper depths.