Sea Pirate Mining
A Shallow Ocean Mining Company


The Founders and executive officers of the Company are as follows:
Dennis R. Humbird
Founder, CEO
Mr. Dennis R. Humbird has considerable legal, political, business, entrepreneurial, and investment experience, with a background, management style and solution based work ethic which complements an atmosphere of enhanced productivity, with a minimum of stress and a minimum of employee turnover and or litigation from personnel or clients.  Mr. Humbird has been a co-Founder of more than seven (7) commercial enterprises over the last 41 years and has always stressed a team approach and “open door” policy in all business matters. He is a full charge, hands on style, executive visionary that has the ability and experience to be an asset to any company, by first understanding the prerequisite for increased earnings and market share, budgetary concerns, training and leadership for all employees and staff, quick assessment of problems and or other deficiencies and modification of such, quickly and efficiently by using his business philosophy, common sense and expertise both within and equally, outside the box. Mr. Humbird has always appreciated that his many business successes have been a direct result of having quality people around him, which are/were self starters and equally dedicated to the success of the enterprise.
A long time miner in his own right (35 years), he’s always been a strong advocate of mining and mining law and formed a legal website devoted to educating miners throughout America, as to their rights and obligations under federal mining laws.
He is a skilled alluvial dredge miner and open water diver and Founder of Sea Pirate Mining, Inc.
Mr. Tom Scott Jr.
Founder, Director
Mr. Tom Scott Jr. comes from an extensive history of hard work and dedication in manual labor, management, sales, and project planning. Mr. Scott has been recognized for his skills to lead a team to success and not only achieve but exceed expectations. He is a strong believer in leading by example and providing quality products to clientele. Known for his efficiency, dependability and keeping his word not only with clients but with the employees and co-workers, he has earned a high level of respect from his colleagues.
For 19 years he has also been a passionate gold miner and strong supporter of organizations that protect the rights of fellow miners. He is an experienced and skillful miner in various aspects within the field of mining, including alluvial dredging, high-banking, sluicing, and panning. Mr. Scott is also an Associate founder of Sea Pirate Mining Inc.
Mr. Glen James Hart, Jr.
Founder, Director
"Mr. Glen James Hart, Jr. (Jim) comes from an extensive history of hard work and dedication in manual labor, and project planning. Mr. Glen James Hart, Jr. has been recognized for his skills, craftsmanship, work ethics and a history of dedication to both his employers and customers alike.
He has over the years, built a quality reputation for his efficiency, dependability and reliability in maintaining the highest standards and integrity in meeting and or exceeding the goals set by his employers, customers and himself."

Mrs. Sharon Scott
Founder, Director
Mrs. Sharon Scott has demonstrated commitment, and perseverance throughout her career and life goals. She has always understood the importance of attention to detail, hard work, efficiency, and customer service for a business to reach its’ potential; Once she became an owner of the roofing company she gradually transitioned out of her personal business to commit her efforts to the business’s success. She has loyally remained with the roofing company for 39 years, which is still thriving.
Mrs. Scott has truly enjoyed every bit of the 17 years she has been in involved with recreational gold mining. She has become an experienced miner with multiple components of this field including panning, sluicing, high-banking and alluvial dredging. She has also become an Associate founder of Sea Pirate Mining.
Mr. Kenneth Slone
Founder, Director
Mr. Kenneth Slone comes from a long history of dedicated manual labor and strong work ethics. A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology in Kansas City, Missouri with an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology, Mr. Slone has, over the years, built and maintained a reputation as efficient, dependable and able to supply reliable service to his clients. He has been employed with Johnson Controls, Illinois Farm Bureau, Oce and is currently employed with the Illinois Secretary of State Office in the IT Department in Springfield Illinois.  Mr. Slone is currently a member and active treasurer of the GPAA Gateway Gold Chapter in St Louis, Missouri.
Mrs. Ronda K. Humbird
Founder, Director & Treasurer
Mrs. Humbird one of the Founders, Directors and Treasurer of Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. Mrs. Humbird has over 35 years of extensive business management and accounting experience in the construction, lodging and hospitality industry and has been a co-Founder of five (5) companies.  She is an experienced prospector that has for the last 35 years, mined by panning, dredging and specializes in gold recovery from mining concentrates.