Sea Pirate Mining
A Shallow Ocean Mining Company

Sea Pirate Mining, Inc.


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Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. is a commercial offshore (ocean) mining company, which will target the 33,904 miles of Alaska’s shoreline, out to a depth of 1,500’ deep (250 fathoms) or approximately 169,520 square miles, which will give Sea Pirate Mining, Inc., an unrestricted major competitive edge in both mining area and production availability.
Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. was formed by a group of Founders that are experienced miners. On December 15, 2012, Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Alaska and remains in “Good Standing”.
Because today’s limit of depth for today’s divers, 2/3rd of the depth (from 50 feet to 150 feet), will only be accessible to Sea Pirate Mining ability to mine such untouched, virgin seabed alluvial material.  It is true that limited commercial mining of very shallow (under 50 feet) offshore sea beds in general is not unique, however, Sea Pirate Mining, Inc. is devoted to a deliberate strategy of utilizing custom designed vessels, built and or reconfigured ocean certified marine vessels which will be uniquely and deliberately designed for open ocean, Arctic offshore conditions and waters, in our efforts to conduct offshore mining.  
All Sea Pirate vessels will be USCG rated for open Arctic ocean operation and be ice strengthened; to use the latest innovated technologies for all hull design, electrical systems, motors, engines, hydraulics, all computer programs for vessel operations & movements, cutting layout programs, recovery and refinement processes for targeted precious metals, ores, gems and or minerals.